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Mandatory Orientation - First Holy Communion, Baptism, Confirmation Year 1

Parents who are seeking to enroll:

  1. Children ages 7-11 in need of First Holy Communion

  2. RCIC: children ages 7-11 in need of Baptism

  3. Teenagers ages 14-16 in need of Confirmation

UPDATE: REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED. Orientations for the 2023-2024 registrations will be announced during the summer at the end of each Sunday Mass.  
Documents Needed
For enrollment in First Holy Communion: Baptism certificate
For children who are not baptized: County birth certificate
For enrollment in Confirmation: Baptism and First Holy Communion certificates
Contact the Faith Formation at the phone number or email address listed below for any questions.
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Mrs. Lillian Cervantes, Faith Formation DRE for First Holy Communion, RCIC, and Confirmation
1200 W. Holt Ave, Room 6
(909) 629-1404
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