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Mandatory Orientation - First Holy Communion, Baptism, Confirmation Year 1

Parents who are seeking to enroll:

  1. Children ages 7-11 in need of First Holy Communion

  2. RCIC: children ages 7-11 in need of Baptism

  3. Teenagers ages 14-16 in need of Confirmation

Attention all parents who attended an orientation on July 15 or July 17, please note August 12 will be the last day to turn in your registrations forms along with the required documents for Confirmation Year 1 and First Communion. Any questions please contact the faith formation office at 909-629-1404 ext. 4 or 5.

Documents Needed
For enrollment in First Holy Communion: Baptism certificate
For children who are not baptized: County birth certificate
For enrollment in Confirmation: Baptism and First Holy Communion certificates
Contact the Faith Formation at the phone number or email address listed below for any questions.
+ + + + +
Ms. Garcia, Faith Formation DRE for First Holy Communion, RCIC, and Confirmation
1200 W. Holt Ave, Room 6
(909) 629-1404 EXT. 4
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