Sunday October 18, Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue in this month of the Rosary, I would like to
share a little more. Last week I listed each set of the Mysteries
of the Rosary of our Blessed Mother. The rosary is spending
time with Mother Mary going through her photo album of
Jesus’ infancy. Luke the evangelist was also known to be a
painter. It is a pious belief that Mary sat in pose for him while
he painted her image. I can just imagine Luke listening to
Mother Mary sharing her memories with Luke as he painted. I
wonder if that is why Luke’s Gospel contains so much more
detail of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. These accounts of
Mother Mary’s memories that she held in her heart are so vivid.
As I watch the snap shots of Mother Mary’s memories go bye I
pray – “Hail Mary, full of grace, …” These mysteries are of
God Almighty coming to us in the most humble of ways; a
pregnancy, a visit to her cousin Elizabeth, the birth, the Jewish
custom of presenting the first male child to the Lord in the
temple, and what happens to many children, they get lost and
parents franticly look for them. Mary fully embraced God
coming close to her. She most humbly received and cared for
the infant Jesus and all that it entailed. As I watch these scenes
form Mother Mary’s photo album and pray the “Hail Mary’s,” I
cannot help but think how I am embracing God coming close to
me. How do I humbly receive and care for Jesus in my life and
all that it entails. These thoughts are what help me grow in
imitation of Mother Mary as I contemplate the life of Jesus
through her eyes. As Mother Mary was called to bring Jesus to
the world, so too am I, so too are you. Every Monday and
Saturday I learn more how to embrace my God, the Word of the
Father made into flesh, coming to me and how I must bring Him
to the world today. I invite you to consider extending your
meditation on the Rosary in a different way so as to learn how
to make it into a visit with Mother Mary and let her bring you
into her experience so that you may also live the life of Jesus in
your own life. Take the next four weeks, dedicating each week
to one set of Mysteries. For example, take the Joyful Mysteries
for this week and pray only one Mystery a day. Monday is the
Annunciation. First meditate on the actual scene of the
Archangel Gabriel sent by God to Mary. What must have it been
like? Place yourself there as an observer. How would you have
responded under the same circumstances? What did this whole
event mean in the scheme of human salvation? Now, how open
are you to God coming close to you today? Are you ready for
what He is asking you to do? Can you respond like Mother
Mary did? Have you responded like Mother Mary has? Are you
ready and willing to take Jesus to the world? Have you brought
Jesus with you to the world? Are you caring for Jesus
attentively in your life? Are you nurturing your relationship
with Jesus every day? What do you need to do in order to live
out this Joyful Mystery? After all this contemplation, then you
Say 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Mary’s and 1 Glory Be. Tuesday do
the same with the “Visitation.” Wednesday, do the same with
the “Birth of the Lord.” and so on… with each set of Mysteries
for four weeks. Then return to the traditional way, but now with
a depth to your prayer.


May God grant us victory with the help of Mary,

Fr. Steven Guitron