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 Pentecost Sunday May 19, 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
“Shout out your joy and let the world see your gladness for
the Lord is with us again. Now he is risen, and the Spirit is
given, and He’s promised to stay till the end. His love is
great so don’t let your hearts become troubled, though you
may seem lost and overcome by the world. He has returned
and once again He has loved us, giving us all a new birth.
Shout out your joy…!”
Today we conclude the 50 days of our Easter Season with
the celebration of the promise of the Father and the
Son - the Holy Spirit sent and given. As Jesus promised his
disciples, the Holy Spirit would remind them of all that he
taught them. The Holy Spirit would impart gifts so that the
disciples would be bold witnesses to the ends of the earth
of all that they had witnessed. You and I are also given the
Holy Spirit so we can be witnesses to the world.
Our participation every Sunday in the Holy Mass nurtures
the gifts we have received. It is the Word that continues to
teach us, so we know how to live, and it is the Eucharist
that nourishes us to be the strong and faithful witness of the
Gospel. As the Baptized, our first responsibility is to go
into the world as witnesses. This witness is given to your
family and friends, to your neighbors, to your co-workers,
your fellow students, to the stranger. You are witnesses
through the words you choose to speak, by the way you
dress, how you spend your time and your money.
As Jesus told us in the Gospel: “You are my friends if you
do what I command you… I who chose you and appointed
you to go and bear fruit that will remain… This I
command you: love one another.” Yes, this is what we are
called to do. There are some who are also called to take up
service in a particular ministry by serving their brothers and
sisters as we gather here at Saint Joseph’s Parish.
According to the gifts that we have received we must put
them at the service of others. Here at Saint Joseph’s many,
over the years have used their gifts to be of service to the
parish community. The numbers have dwindled because of
age, health, some have moved away, and some have died.
It is time for many of you to discern your gifts that the
Holy Spirit has endowed you with and put them to use in
service of your fellow parishioners. I call the young men of
the parish to consider service at the altar. If you have
received your Fist Holy Communion, then come forth.
I call men and women who are fully initiated and who have
the gifts to serve the parish community as a Lector; come
forward. If you are baptized then discern the gifts of the
Spirit to serve as an Usher, Choir Member or Sacristan.
Some have been given certain gifts so as to serve as a
Catechist, Parish Council Member or a Finance Council
Member. Come forth. When you hear the invitation –
RESPOND! Let us continue to build up the Kingdom of
God right here at Saint Joseph’s Parish. SHOUT OUT
Rejoice in the Holy Spirit, Alleluia!
Fr. Steven Guitron

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